Adhere to the 90-10 Principle for High School Booster Clubs


When assessing the fundraising endeavors or contemplating new initiatives for your high school booster club, it’s imperative to embrace what I refer to as the 90-10 principle.

In essence, this principle dictates that 90% of the proceeds generated from any fundraising venture should stem from sources outside your primary supporter circles, such as current parents, youth parents, alumni, and alumni parents. These funds should directly contribute to your program. Moreover, the minimum net gain from an established or proposed fundraising initiative should be at least $10,000. In my experience, any fundraising activity falling short of this criterion is not worth the effort expended. It’s crucial to either eliminate such initiatives or refrain from considering them. Trust me, there are more fruitful endeavors warranting your attention and effort each year.

This guideline is a practical and dispassionate approach to cull multiple underperforming activities and events that persist despite their inability to meet the standard. It will also save you an abundance of time typically spent debating and organizing these initiatives annually. Furthermore, it allows you to channel resources and efforts solely into the most effective fundraising activities, including an annual membership and advertising campaign, which I strongly recommend executing with proficiency each year. This strategic approach not only streamlines fundraising but also prevents incessant solicitation, particularly from your primary supporters. These are favorable outcomes for both your core supporters and your cause.

Hence, meticulously assess all existing and prospective fundraising activities against the 90-10 principle. Discard those that fall short or do not meet the criteria. Adhering to this straightforward rule will significantly benefit both you and the high school arts or athletics programs you aim to support. Consistently applying this guideline will undoubtedly prove its worth. You’ll be grateful for its impact on your efforts.

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