Booster club fundraisers

List of 10 Booster Club Fundraising Ideas For All Sports and Athletics Teams suggests the following booster events.

  • T-shirt fundraising – This is a great way to support the team.
  • Coupon books – Make your own or team up with a provider.
  • Golf tournament – a tax write off for local businesses in your community.
  • Online campaigns – Make it easy to give virtually online.
  • Letter campaigns – Remember to tell them why you are raising funds as a booster.
  • Restaurant night – Works great on the slow night of the week.
  • Gift-wrap fundraiser – Remember friends and family will buy this anyway!
  • Shoe Drive Fundraiser – If the shoe doesn’t fit anymore then donate it!
  • Sell coffee – You can either make the coffee yourself and sell it or you can use a coffee fundraising brochure like this.
  • Hold a car wash for a cause – Works great in the spring after the winter thaw is over!

What is a booster fundraiser?

What is the purpose of Booster Club Fundraising? Booster clubs are established to raise funds for school-sponsored sports and groups. These clubs are usually organized by parents in order to offer enough funds for the team’s activities, uniforms, and other expenses. Booster clubs can raise money through membership fees, activities, sales, and other methods.

What are the benefits of a booster club?

Booster clubs can raise funds by printing promotional goods that have been approved. Booster clubs can help fund the program by contributing additional funds to coaches, staff, and event workers. They can plan team events like pregame or postgame dinners, as well as social events throughout the season.

What are some good ideas for a fundraiser?

Have you considered product fundraising yet? Some of the benefits are:

  • Simple system to follow. So you don’t have to figure it out on your own.
  • Plenty of different brochures to choose from with all kinds of products. Think popcorn, cookie dough, candles etc.
  • Free incentive prize program. The more your kids sell the better the prize they earn!
  • You get everything you need to have a successful booster club fundraiser. Includes brochures, shipping etc. for those that meet minimum order.


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